Mina Lee

저와 에데나가 인연을 맺게된건 아르헨티나에 오면 무조건 거칠수밖에 없는! 남미사랑에서 만난 이에 소개로 였어요, 저는 6개월 장기로 여행이 아닌 어학연수개념으로 온것이라 학교선택이 아주 중요했지요,, 근데 문제는 학비와 생활비가 아주 타이트했단거였죠 ^^;;
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Mina Lee, student (South Korea)

Nancy MacQueen

When I first moved to Buenos Aires, I studied for one year at Edena. I LOVE the staff there. Since I was working, I could not spend 4 hours a day in school, so I was looking for a shorter program.
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Nancy MacQueen, religious (USA)

Kairunnisa Aemran

My experience studying at EDENA was wonderful. They have amazing teachers who are really dedicated and caring towards their students and have their best interests in mind. I really appreciate what the teachers have done for me and taught me. The warmth and friendliness of the teachers touched my heart and I will never forget my experience at EDENA.

Kairunnisa Aemran, student (Malaysia)

Patrick Gatland

I spent 6 months in Argentina and for a lot of that time I took classes at Edena Argentina - and had a wonderful experience!
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Patrick Gatland, economist (Australia)

Thaís Aleixo de Souza

Estudar na Edena foi uma escolha muito feliz da minha parte. Fui para a Argentina aprender eemhol, entrei em algumas escolas e encontrei na Edena compromisso e honestidade, tanto com o conteúdo quanto com o valor cobrado.
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Thaís Aleixo de Souza, photographer (Brasil)

Audrey Acosta

My time at EDENA was the highlight of my experience here in Buenos Aires. The quality of teaching was excellent and everybody made me feel at home immediately. The teachers have a passion for their profession and it is evident as soon as you enter the door.

Audrey Acosta, graduate student (USA)

Liz Rubin

I've studied in many schools before. In comparison, EDENA rates very high if not better than some of my prior experiences. They bring humor, creativity, high level of grammar instruction and all at an affordable cost. The teachers are obviously very experiences and knowlwdgable. In addition, I was extremely imoressed with how much the director and teachers cared about my experience. This is very comforting when you are in a foreign country!!

Liz Rubin, grad school (USA)

Jonathan Kusumi

Well set up to meet other students and encourages Spanish conversation with students from all over the world. Excellent job customizing lessons for my particular interest areas and needs (Medical Spanish). Teachers went out of their way to provide us with unique cultural experiences.

Jonathan Kusumi, UCHSC student (USA)

Jesper Mortensen

Velorganiseret og fleksibel. Underviser på alle niveauer olt I meget små grupper, behagelig stemning.

Jesper Mortensen (Denmark)

Niki Frank

Ich empfehle EDENA, weil die Schule priswert ist und sie mir bei allem sehr geholfen haben (Transfer Unterkunft etc), weil sich alle sehr viel Mühe gegeben haben und weil sie alle Formen (tu, vos, vosotros, etc) unterrichten.
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Niki Frank, stendent (Germany)

Tom Hughes

The teacher I had was very patient and explained things very well. The pace of the lessons was such that I had time to understand things before moving on. I have learned a lot of Spanish.

Tom Hughes, student (UK)

Abdullah Abaakil

L'accueil et les relations entre enseignants et étudiants est très chaleureux, ce qui en fait un lieu plus agréable que les "écoles pour touristes". Les progrès en Espagnol s'en ressentent d'autant mieux. Si je devais retourner à Buenos Aires, je suis certain de reprendre les cours à la EDENA.

Abdullah Abaakil, manager (Morocco)

Niamh Clerkin

Extremely polite , friendly group of staff. Group are small which makes it easier to learn. The material is practical and very relevant. I found in one week I learned more then I could have imagined.

Niamh Clerkin, physiotherapist (Ireland)

Nicole Freitag

I founded on the Internet the prices were good and it was in a good location , close to my house. The teachers are good, there is a good atmosphere and it has a personal touch. My Spanish improved a lot.

Nicole Freitag, accountant (South Africa)